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Not Afraid
400 is the number
352 is what I need
For a way out
For a rest
Maybe it'll hurt
maybe it'll be painless
But a moment of pain
leading to an eternity of release
sounds good to me
The problems may be temporary
They most probably will stop
Just two more years
Just twenty four months
I don't think I can
It's rough
the world is trying to crush me
i want a way out
i want to rest
If you decide
I'll probably follow
You're my last chance
my only hope
My best friend
My one and only
Like a sister
Sharing the same problems
Embarrassment doesn't exist
Pain doesn't exist
Sadness doesn't exist
When you are there
After you leave
I feel lost
And the my mistakes come back to haunt me
My emotions jumbled
my thoughts a mess
everything is short lived
except the numbness
Don't let it crush you
just two more years
If you make it
I think I may too
It's been so long
since I've felt normal
where has the simplicity gone
Where has my sleep gone
Alone in a dark room
scared of nothing
yet terrified all the same
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My Undoing
Clumsily tip toeing across the ledge
Hanging precariously over an abyss
The path never ending
It forks before me
Which way do I go?
I know not which
I dare not choose
Afraid to fall
Afraid to lose
What is there to lose?
No love
No friends
No place of comfort
What runs through my mind
Staying always
Never ending
Abuse and suffering
The days blur and mix
Oft forgetting those close to me
What's ahead and behind
What's gone and past
Dangling from the strands of my frazzled mind
Everything is changing
Everything is different
I can't get a grasp on my surroundings
My mind shredded
My undoing is myself.
:iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 2 0
The path ahead is dark and uncertain
I know not what lays before me
I cower strangled by fear
You touch my hand,
Smile, help me up
I know not what lays before me
However I only need know you're beside me
It strangles the fear
And leads me forward
Will you be my shield?
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Will You Join Me? by SillvrMist Will You Join Me? :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0 Give me?? by SillvrMist Give me?? :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 3 0
A Beautiful Poison
    The shadows shifted as the old electric lighting flickered to life. Someone’s footsteps thumped down the stairs into the poorly lit room. The old stone walls of the room hidden beneath the cellar shone damp in the sickly yellow lighting. The shadows seemed to stalk and conspire together as a woman walked into the large stone room. She was tall with long slender legs, thin waist, and thick jet black hair neatly piled on the top of her head. Her long dress was red and black with a long slit down each side up to her hips. The jeweled floral pattern of the corset shone and sparkled, blinding a few of the inhabitants of the room. Behind her, a sturdy, barrel chested man lumbered in heavily. He was bare-chested and barefoot with a whip attached to his hip. The shadows stalked after them after them as they walked casually through the room. The woman’s heels clicked followed by the man’s heavy thuds. Hearing these noises, the inhabitants shrunk back, cowering ag
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No hope, my Love
You made me promise.
You say you almost slipped.
I just can't tell you truth.
I can't disappoint you.
I'm weak, though you think me strong.
A cheerful facade
A decaying truth
Can I borrow some of your strength?
Just a little?
I'm sorry
Don't keep your pain to your self.
It'll start the decay.
Don't be me.
Used to silence and loneliness.
Don't fall.
Don't decay.
Let me help.
Let me fall.
Let me decay.
Let me be your unsteady foundation.
When I fade,
Have my strength and make it your own.
I need you happy.
I need you to let loose your tight grip.
Let it fall away.
Let me take it with me,
When i crash down with everyone's burdens.
You can't save me,
No matter how much we both may wish it.
You friendship is great.
It is my hope.
I shouldn't ask for more,
But I can't help myself.
Stuck in a desert
No water,
No hope.
I will stay here.
A meager survival
A shriveled life
A decaying body
Until it ends.
Just so you know
Before I die,
I love you.
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I'm alright
How do you know that I'm without reason?
A stranger in my own body
Hiding behind a cheerful facade
Everything you think you know about me is a lie
You say I'm strong and smart and beautiful
But really i can't even hold myself together
I make a promise and break down
Silent tears as the blood drips from my fingertips
I messed up.
Why can't i hold myself together?!
The facade is starting to shatter
What should I do?!
You knowing scares me out of my wits.
Don't leave me.
you can't leave me.
I need you.
You keep me from completely shattering.
I'm weak.
Why can't i fix myself?
I'm too dependent
I still don't think I can survive without you.
If anything I wish you happiness.
I'll take your burden,
Load me down.
Overload me until I sink and drown.
I don't mind.
Let me take the fall.
You have your life, your future
Give me your troubles,
Tell them to me all
 I will be rid of them
when this facade shatters
and I fall.
I can't keep up.
I don't feel right.
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Snapshot 4 (5-12-2013 2-58 AM) by SillvrMist Snapshot 4 (5-12-2013 2-58 AM) :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0 Capture by SillvrMist Capture :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 14 1 Snapshot 8 (5-12-2013 3-05 AM) by SillvrMist Snapshot 8 (5-12-2013 3-05 AM) :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 1 0 Pokeball house by SillvrMist Pokeball house :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0 Mushrooms don't Enjoy Easter by SillvrMist Mushrooms don't Enjoy Easter :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 1 0 DragonBallZ Fan Art by SillvrMist DragonBallZ Fan Art :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0 Body Practice by SillvrMist Body Practice :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0 Carousel Unicorn by SillvrMist Carousel Unicorn :iconsillvrmist:SillvrMist 0 0


Boopadoop~ lol well after a long time I am finally back on DA. OOPS! I apologize for the absence. Been kind of busy but I'm finally in a Drawing class! Yay~ I am now in Drawing I and I absolutely hate it. I have discovered I don't work well with deadlines and people telling me what to draw :P but the teacher is really cool. So as soon as I get around to using a scanner i will upload some really....interesting...yeah, interesting drawings. I don't have the ones we've drawn for the teacher but I have my free draws and my journal drawings. I also finally got some new pencils!! YAY! I was down on my last pencil and it was about an inch tall :p lol

Oh. also for other news taking my college courses this year...and hating every bit of them ^-^ My AP English Language and Composition class is going to kill me before the year is up but I am still enjoying it because a lot of what we do is fun and I really like the teacher.

For other news, the story I wrote titled A Beautiful Poison is being drawn by Airyie and she has done a marvelous job of it so far. She has captured the emotions so's astounding. I hope you all get a chance to look at it eventually. It is posted at and i will put a link at the bottom of this entry. Also I have begun to upload pages of the typed text version of the story as well following the pages being uploaded. Updates are currently still irregular but hopefully both me and Airyie get more time soon to work on this story. Because I am also working on an alternate ending that is much less...well, not dark, I guess...but....different. It will make the story a fair bit longer and it will hopefully enrich the story and get people more attached to my main character ^~^ all though...that might make people sad if I decide to still kill him off....

Thanks much! Adore you all~ Much love ^_^


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kelsey morgan gilley
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United States
I luvs plants and animals and i like to draw in my spare time. i am a studying wiccan at the moment.


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